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iPad Air Outsells iPad Mini with Retina Display

When the iPad Mini with retina display and the iPad Air made their debuts together in November, 2013, analysts watched to see which one consumers would prefer. They got their answer when the year’s fourth-quarter reports showed the iPad Air was a strong customer favorite.


While some predicted that many customers would not be attracted to the retina display because of the small size if the Mini, a report issued by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows these concerns to be unfounded. In just two out of the three months in the quarter, the retina-equipped iPad Mini was responsible for 16 percent of total iPad sales. Compared to that, the original iPad Mini was responsible for 25 percent of iPad sales in the entire three months.

Together, the iPad Mini with retina display and the original iPad Mini took up 41 percent of sales, which was the same percentage as that garnered by the iPad Air. The iPad Air has the thinner form that is the signature of all Apple’s ‘Air’ product line and a bigger (9.7-inch) screen. The sales performance of the iPad Air is truly remarkable. Grabbing over 40 percent of sales in spite of having four other iPads to compete with means is impressive.

Even though the market for Apple products is consistently ruled by the latest release, the iPad 2 was actually able to account for five percent of total sales. An analysis of the CIRP report and other trend indicators in the industry would seem to indicate that Apple and its competitors are all attempting to find the ideal size for a table device. While Apple is trying on smaller sizes, other companies are testing the market with a size users increasing refer to as a ‘phablet.’

Though Apple arguably dominated the tablet market for a while, Android has more recently made some major inroads. In the European market, for example, tablets that use the Android operating system are already outselling the iPad. American sales are holding steady for now, thanks to the iPad Mini with retina and the other popular products in the iPad line, but there is cause for Apple to be worried about their place in the global market. Perhaps the much-anticipated iPhone 6 will help. Rumors abound that the company may be planning to reverse its ‘shrinking’ trend and make this iPhone bigger.

It’s really just taste and personal style that determine which iPad the typical consumer will choose. Some prefer a lighter tablet with a larger, more traditional display, and they tend to buy the iPad Air. The iPad Mini with retina display is typically the choice of customers looking for a smaller unit with a clearer screen.

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Make it look like iOS 7

Yes iOS 7 has started updating all over the world every supported iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but really I am not that happy with some of the features. It is impossible to change the 3G network to 2G network; this is one of those things that dissatisfy me. Instead today I am going to change your mind not to upgrade but stay with your jailbroken iOS 6 and bring the feature that you want from iOS 7 through tweaks.


You will be pleased to hear that some of the known tweaks from cydia have the same functionality. Let us take for example Zephyr or Auxo. But there are also tweaks that copy the design of this new iOS like the famous iOS 7 theme. But this will not change the Dock to that of the new iOS. Instead you will need to use CopyDock which is the closest you can get in terms of looks of a dock from iOS 7. It has the same graphical design of a flat surface but it is not the same. Because of its simplicity it is free from BigBoss repo via Cydia.

There a lot tweaks that offer not the looks of iOS 7 but also new graphical designs.